The squad is back in the building to talk trash!!! No guest so we got a chance to catch up and talk shit. Enjoy!!!

Disgruntled Jay:

What you take in molds your perspective!! I read a msg string where a woman is trying to holla at a dude and he keeps pushing her away talking about how women don’t like guys his height.

“We create our own paradoxes of success or failure” why do we keep choosing failure??

Why do we keep choosing failure vs choosing success??

E News:

1) Robert Queen made an outfit for Mulato and she wore it at a concert! Took pictures, videos and all that!! Congrats to the bro!
2) King Von killed in Atlanta
3) Cardi B showed off the prototype for her new Reebok sneaker on her IG
4) Travis Scott’s mc Donald toy is going for $50,000 on the resale market?
5) Drake says we will hate on his new album the same way we hated on “Views”?
6) Childish Gambino says Seasons 3 & 4 of Atlanta will be the greatest TV experiences of all time.
7) Childish Gambino is working on new music.
8) Joe Biden & Kamala Harris have won the election battle. But the war is far from over.

10 Things pretty people do that cause havoc in the dating world?


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