“Opening Talk”:
1) Recap From last week
2) Merch Game tight!!
3) The Warm Up Show
6) Hip Hop Secret Santa
7) Dec. 8th live podcast 6pm Points Of Express.
8) Openings to join the team.

“Young Fodder” (Popular News):
1) Drakes- Gods Plan Goes Diamond
2) Joe Budden & Cyn Santana light up LHHNY
3) Juelz Santana proposes to his long time girlfriend/ baby momma
4) Dummy Boy album is out
5) Is it time to officially break “Rap” up into sub genre’s??

“What’s On Streaming?” (Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, YouTube or TV) movies or TV shows!

“Best Comment from Last Show”

JS-1 Disclaimer

“Main Topic”: “Legalizing Sex Work? Who Killing Deez Hoes?”

1) What is Sex Work?
2) What stuff falls under sex work?
3) Why is sex work illegal?
4) Aren’t arranged marriages “long term contract sex work”?
5) Who invented the term “sex worker”?
6) How do you feel about “Sex Work”?
7) How is value of “sex” established in the market place?
8) How do you view someone who works in that field?

Real Reviews:
1) Dipset- Diplomatic Immunity
2) Yella Beezy- Ain’t going back!
3)Jaden Smith- The Cool Tape Story


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