“Opening Talk”:
1) Recap From last week
2) Merch Game tight!!
3) The Warm Up Show
4) Hip Hop Secret Santa
5) Openings to join the team.

“Young Fodder” (Popular News):
1) Cardi B & OffSet break up
2) Jay-Z Turns 49
3) Who are our old Super Rap stars
4) Meek Mills press run and album release
5) Tekashi 6ixnine’s DUmmy Boy Album goes number 1
6) Best Jay-Z Album
7) 1 Has 2 GO!!!

“What’s On Streaming?” (Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, YouTube or TV) movies or TV shows!

“Best Comment from Last Show”

JS-1 Disclaimer

“Main Topic”: “Prince Vs. Michael Jackson”

1) Whose the better artist?
2) Whose catalogue stands the test of time
3) Who do you enjoy more as a grown man
4) Who should play Prince in his bio picture
5) What legends deserve bio pictures in the theater.


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