“Opening Talk”:
1) Recap From last week
2) Merch Game tight!!
3) The Warm Up Show
6) Hip Hop Secret Santa
8) Openings to join the team.

“Young Fodder” (Popular News):
1) iheart podcast awards only includes iheart podcasts?
2) Nicki Minaj vs Cardi B beef heats up Again?
3) Tyga releases new record with Nick Minaj
4) Pharrell sends stop notice to Donald trump
5) Which Celebrity had the best Hollween Costume?
6) Madea Finally dies in 2019!!
7) 2Chainz starts new weed company called “Gas”
8) Side bitch application
What’s On Streaming? (Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, YouTube or TV) movies or TV shows!

“Best Comment from Last Show”

“Main Topic”: When should an aspiring rapper stop aspiring?

1) Did Lil Duval set a new standard?
2) can you be a fan of a 40 yr old rapper?
3) How do you feel about the older rappers we grew up with now?
4) If a 40 yr old rapper gave you a mixtape on the street how would you feel?
5) Why do we put creatives in time crunches?
6) Does it really matter??

Real Reviews:
1) Mih Ty- Mih Ty
2) Tory Lanez- Love Me Now
3) Usher- A


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